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About Us

Àse BodyCare (ah-shay) was founded in 2017 by Dana and LesPaul Newton Jr. in Queens, New York.  They became interested in creating their own hair and bodycare products after realizing the harmful chemicals/ingredients being used in hair and body products on the market.  Dana and LesPaul began experimenting with natural ingredients in order to formulate their own hair and bodycare products.  Hence the birth of Àse BodyCare (ah-shay).  Our mission is to provide all-natural skin and bodycare products that will improve your overall well-being.  All of our products are pure, handcrafted and inclusive. 
ÀSE (ah-shay) is a yoruba word meaning power, command, and authority.  The ability to make what one say manifest.  Their is a spiritual aspect behind the word Àse (ah-shay).