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DIY Turmeric Charcoal Face Mask

DIY Turmeric Charcoal Face Mask

$8.00 USD

Transform your skin with natures potent trio - Turmeric, Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay in our DIY Face Mask, for a radiant glow that shines from within.

Introducing our all-natural DIY Turmeric Charcoal Face Mask, the ultimate solution to achieving a brighter and rejuvenated complexion. With the power of activated charcoal and bentonite clay, this mask effectively draws out impurities, unclogs pores and detoxifies your skin leaving it looking radiant. The added benefits of turmeric provides anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin while its natural antioxidants help brighten dark spots giving you an even tone overall. This easy-to-use mask is perfect for anyone seeking a gentle yet effective skincare regime that will keep your skin fresh, clear and glowing with vitality

  • Brightens skin: The turmeric in this DIY face mask helps to brighten and even out your complexion, leaving you with a radiant glow
  • Activated Charcoal: This powerful ingredient draws impurities out of the skin, helping to unclog pores and reduce inflammation for a clearer complexion
  • Bentonite Clay: Known for its detoxifying properties, bentonite clay helps to remove toxins from the skin while also soothing irritation and reducing redness

Description: Brightens skin, Reduces inflammation & Detoxifies skin.

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Turmeric & Tea Tree Oil 

Direction: Add 3 scoops of DIY Turmeric Charcoal Face Mask with water or apple cider vinegar in a plastic bowl or glass and stir until mixture is a paste. Apply to face and let dry for 10-15 mins. Rinse with warm water (For best use, please keep the mixture refrigerated).

Size: 3oz



Please ensure that you are reviewing the ingredients for any possible allergens before you make a purchase.